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On-vehicle advertisement

Wrap a car along with digital services to the prevention of billboard and old practices.

For cabbies, it’s a chance to become a brand ambassador with their own car to generate the income by moving all over the city.
And for Advertiser the chance to appear on a wide range of vehicles in far-reaching places.

The main target of On Vehicle:

On vehicle’s main target is to change the concept of billboards which are far away from eye level and not fulfilling their designed standards, while on-vehicle is working digitally, provide visual communication and trip-intent technology to approach the targeted audience.

Ground Breaking Measurable Data

On-vehicle make tracking and live impressions of advertisement possible by groundbreaking measurable data which can ultimately provide the actual benefits of advertisement with less investment.

Advertiser benefits:

With all old practices advertiser is not aware of the facts and figures of their advertisement but on vehicle technologies give them chance to track their advertisement and by targeting the right audience they will increase their profit.

Cabbies Monthly Earning

Cabbie can earn monthly up to 30K by just wrapping their vehicle for free.

We are working with different brands to launch their advertising campaigns through our app and offer cabbies or captains to come and brand their vehicles to become a brand ambassador and earn money. Our complete rate criteria will be guided to you once you get register with us.

Driver monthly earning

30,000 PKR to 40,750 PKR

Driver monthly earning

12,000 PKR to 18,000 PKR

Driver monthly earning

8,000 PKR to 12,000 PKR

“ Connecting drivers with advertisers ”