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we welcome you to join us

Become an Advertiser


As an advertiser, you can start campaign of your brand or products. You can register on our website or mobile app. Here are the benefits to join us:

Deliver Powerful on-vehicle and in-vehicle marketing messages.


We use Trip-intent technology to target captive audience.


Real time tracking and reporting of live impressions on your campaign.


Spread your marketing campaign on road.


High impact advertising at incredibly low cost.


Use captive marketing instead of optive.


Become a Driver


As a driver, you can boost your earning by getting you vehicle wrapped by campaigns and playing video ads on tablet placed inside your vehicle. And driver must cover min 50 KM daily.

HappiiAds serve as a extra source of income for drivers.


Virtual Advertisement


You may prioritize your brand with eye-catching hologram effects and to start you may simply send us your query, our concerned team will contact you soon.

Eye catching and connected impressions develop by audience.


Newly launched parameter of OOH advertisement in Pakistan.


3D attractive animations of every stock or product.


Reason to attract more customer towards outlets.


Incredible low cost with high impact.


Social Media Advertisement


Social media marketing is not only the effective way to engage the public but most importantly it’s a cost effective solution to target the right audience.

Targeted Traffic.


Receptive users.


Retargeting the audience.


Social media marketing SEO also improved the Site worth.


Immediate response to problem is possible.


Active response through the campaign brings loyalty of audience.