Frequently Asked Questions

What is on-vehicle and in vehicle?

On-vehicle & In-vehicle are digital advertisement solutions according to modern time & needs, on-vehicle is wrapping a car with brands to advertise and in-vehicle is running recorded ads and live streaming via tabs.

Both the services connect advertisers with drivers and provide a chance for drivers to transform the daily commute into extra income.

Who's Eligible?

  • Drivers age 18+.
  • Driving license.
  • Clean driving & criminal record.
  • Own or currently lease a 2012 or newer vehicle in clean, sound condition with no past or present body or paint damage.

What Vehicles Qualify?

95% of personal passenger vehicles are eligible for wrapping. We don’t wrap commercial vans, motorcycles, fleet vehicles, mopeds, and unicycles, freight vehicles etc.

How To Get Started

Step 1: Download the Happii Ads Driver app, available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store.

Step 2: Get in the vehicle, open the app and begin logging the daily commute.

Step 3: After 50 KMs are driven with the app open, drivers become eligible for campaign offers.

Note: Company will assign the campaign to driver once they sign up their account.

My Vehicle is older than 2012 but amazing, will you make an exception? Please?

We’re sorry, but no. No exceptions. Ever! Regardless of the body style or how much of a head-turner the car, if it’s not a 2012 or newer model, the driver cannot participate on a Happii Ads campaign.

Are there any costs to be a Happii Ads Driver?

No. Happii Ads will never charge a driver to get onto a campaign. However, drivers are required to get their car washed the night before a wrap installation appointment which may be cost to him.

Can a vehicle have more than one driver?

No. Happii Ads drivers are linked to a single vehicle. BUT– if your spouse, significant other or roommate also wants to participate, they are welcome! They will need their own Happii Ads account, as well as their own vehicle.

Can a driver have more than one vehicle?

No. Happii Ads drivers are linked to a single vehicle. One wrapped car to one Happii Ads driver.

Are drivers guaranteed a campaign?

Sorry, but no. Participating in the Happii Ads program is not a guaranteed employment opportunity. It’s a revolutionary platform designed as supplemental income for a commute already being driven on a daily basis. Campaign availability is based on the amount of active brands on the platform.

Mastering the app

I’m trying to log my qualifying KMs but don’t see anything on the app.

• Please make sure, Is the app open with location services enabled
• Are you on a supported device? (No iPads, iPods or flip phones, brick phones…)
• Are you using other streaming apps? If you don’t see miles tracking, take a quick look and see if any other app is causing interference.

I'm on a campaign but my app isn’t logging earnings.

The Happii Ads Driver Reference Guide for troubleshooting, sent via email, is the fastest and easiest way to figure this out. If you just can’t deal, follow these instructions:

o Make sure your app is on, Bluetooth enabled, and you can see it running on-screen
o Make sure you are in the campaign zone
o If, after doing both these things you do not see the solid green ring on the main dial, contact Happii Ads Driver Support.

Can I use my tablet to log KMs?

No. Happii Ads does not support tablets today. Only drivers with iOS and Android smartphones are eligible.

If I drive out of the coverage area or drive more than the KMs cap, do I still get paid?

Sorry, but no. Drivers earn for KMs driven per day inside the qualifying areas. After you reach the daily KM cap, your earnings will stop for that day.

Is there a minimum amount of KMs I have to drive daily?

Yes minimum amount of KMs is 50

Making Money

How much can I earn?

It depends. You can earn more than 40,000 Rs, a month,
A fully-wrapped vehicle earns the most. Partial is next, then panel. Brands decide the wrap coverage option offered for each campaign.

When and how are drivers paid?

Direct Deposit to their accounts. The online driver dashboard’s got all the details.

Campaign & Wrap Info

How long does it take to wrap a car?

A full wrap will take roughly 6-8 hours to install. For all wrap appointments, drivers are required to drop off AND LEAVE their vehicle at the facility for the day. Sorry, no exceptions. You cannot hang out at the facility while your car is getting wrapped. They’ll call you when it’s ready and it’s going to be great.

How long are vehicles wrapped during a campaign?

Campaign lengths are chosen by brands, and range between 1-6 months. Campaign lengths are made clear when the campaign is offered. One month = 30 days.

Where my campaign are offers? How many can I choose from?

Offers depend entirely on brands and their marketing strategy. Some cities and regions are much busier than others. There may be a wait in a city with less brand activity.
When a campaign is launched, drivers with driving activity that matches the campaign zone receive the offer.
One can avail only one on-vehicle campaign in one time. While in-vehicle offers you to run multiple campaigns in same time.

Can I get my car wrapped on weekends?

No. Our installation facilities are open Monday through Friday.

Will having my car wrapped damage it in anyway?

Happii Ads and our Certified Network of Installers use only the finest 3M vinyl films for our campaigns. This film is designed to be installed and removed cleanly without damage when applied to sound, OEM painted surfaces.
So now take a good, honest look at your car and then be honest with us:
• Does your car have lots of rock chips, dents, scratches, rust or missing clear coat?
• Have you ever had your car or portions of your car repainted?
If the answer is yes to either of these questions that means your factory paint quality could be considered compromised. Does that mean you can’t wrap your car? Absolutely not! But you should also be aware it has the potential to increase risk of paint damage.
Before every installation and removal appointment, our Certified Installers will perform a thorough pre-installation and post removal inspection to document the condition of the vehicle prior to the wrap application and after the wrap has been removed.