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HappiiAds with Inc. of HAPPII “How A Person Produces Independent Income” has been started its business in Pakistan from Oct 2018 as most modern & innovative advertising company in OOH (Out Of Home) industry. HappiiAds welcome all new enhancements, changes, variations to open new doors of advertisement world.

HappiiAds connects drivers with brands to create powerful in-vehicle and on-vehicle marketing messages. HappiiAds uses live impressions to entertain passengers with relevant media and contextual ads via HappiiAds’ unique in-vehicle digital tool. Then HappiiAds analytics show you how many people interact with your ads, where these interactions take place, and how they follow up, so you can see what’s working. HappiiAds can change buying decisions before purchases are made by crafting messages people see while traveling on public roads. The power lies in the advertiser’s ability to leverage data sources to calculate impressions in real time, making it the most reliable out-of-home media available.

With HappiiAds, you can deliver powerful in-vehicle and on-vehicle marketing. HappiiAds uses Trip-Intent technology to introduce a captive, targeted audience to new offers, products, and brands. HappiiAds provides you with powerful tracking, analytics, and reporting that uses Live Impression data for more control over what passengers see. Using targeted ads, you can change customers’ buying decisions right before purchases are made by tailoring specific messages to passengers while they are traveling in the cab. At the same time, we give the opportunity to both cabbies and advertisers to earn more by investing less. Cabbie can become a brand ambassador with his own car to generate the income by moving all over the city. HappiiAds play an important part in the economy and strengthen the individual income.

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HappiiAds is providing its services to advertisers and audience within defined lines and boundaries and following the laws and regulations to not to commit any violation which causes hundreds of issues for all.





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