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what is Happii Ads?

Happii Ads connects drivers with brands to create powerful in-vehicle and on-vehicle marketing messages.
Happii Ads analytics show you how many people interact with your ads, where these interactions take place, and how they follow up, so you can see what’s working.

what we offer

On-vehicle advertisement

Happii ADS is reinventing out of home advertising, now brands can reach consumers wherever they go with high-impact advertising at an incredibly low cost, with thousands of drivers in the top DMAs across the Universe. Happii ADS is the ideal solution for national advertising or campaigns with regional creative.

In-vehicle advertisement

The average person spends almost a year of their life traveling in a car.
Typically over an hour and a half daily, of their prime hours spent
sitting in traffic or in the backseat of a car, disconnected from the
world around them. We want to make this massive amount of
time more enjoyable for everyone, especially as people
are becoming passengers more than ever before.

Virtual advertisement

Hype of 3D Hologram invention to promote
your business by leaving long
lasting brand impression.

Social Media advertisement

Our social media advertising services help you generate immediate
results on social media. Our services will allow you to
leverage the most cost-effective and targeted
form of advertising available today.

“ Connecting drivers with advertisers ”

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